AI-Powered Performance Management

Solve Feedback Challenges: Use AI to help managers and employees create effective feedback, feedback requests, objectives, and key results, boosting team engagement and motivation.

Boost Your Business

  • Empower Your Team's Development: with Easy AI-Powered Feedback
  • Streamline Feedback and Requests: Easy, actionable insights with performance ratings for quick and easy evaluations using our unique Copyrighted Employee Impact Fields.
  • Increase Productivity: Align goals and drive results.

Simple, Affordable Performance Management System

Revolutionize Feedback and Recognition: Our intuitive system enhances team performance with easy-to-create feedback, requests, and performance ratings, ensuring effective recognition and swift evaluations.Revamp your performance management with Evalflow.

Manage Remotely: Create feedback and set objectives on the go with our responsive web app

Enhance Multi-Location Team Connectivity

Manage Remotely: Create feedback and set objectives on the go with our responsive web app. Recognize team efforts across multiple locations, supported by our unique Copyrighted Employee Impact Fields. Use Social on EvalFlow to connect employees and companies, post corporate events, and share team activities, fostering engagement and celebrating successes across all your locations.

New Powerful Feature

Meet Evalbot: Your AI-Powered HR Assistant

Revolutionize HR with Evalbot: Our powerful conversational AI chatbot is designed to enhance your HR processes and support both managers and employees. With Evalbot, you can:

Access Employee Information

Easily retrieve employee details such as hire date, past ratings, and objective progress.

Create and Fill Evaluations

Effortlessly generate and complete evaluations, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Draft Self Evaluations

Empower employees to draft their own self evaluations, promoting self-awareness and growth.

Develop Growth Plans

Help employees create personalized growth plans to enhance their skills and career.

Seamless Integration

All these features are available within one platform, providing a comprehensive HR solution.

Build Strong Teams

Create Resilient Teams: Use our feedback tools with performance ratings to build high-performing teams that can handle any challenge.

Celebrate Achievements

Positive Work Culture: Recognize and celebrate team successes to boost morale.

Connecting Multi-Location Teams with Evalflow

Our mobile-friendly platform connects multi-location businesses through activities, recognitions, and quick feedback. Evalflow's activity feed lets team members share professional and personal accomplishments, fostering deeper connections.